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One City Many Worlds 2017-2019 invites you to the conference Seriously Speaking: What are we Talking about When we Talk about De-colonial and Anti-racist Policies with Yuderkys Espinosa*, in which we will discuss some of the recurrent themes and topics that we have tackled during our time together, topics we collectively want to delve into and to move from the research group out into the public arena:
“In recent years, and following a long and tough process that sought to install racism as an important and central issue for an effective understanding of how the modern world colonial capitalist system has been produced and operated, it seems that we have reached a point in the anti-racist struggle at a global level, in which the left and movements such as feminism and sexual freedom have joined in. Notwithstanding this peak moment of anti-racist consciousness, we are at the same time living one of the worst moments of greater material, symbolic and epistemic violence towards racialized groups and peoples at a global level. How to explain this and the role played by committed intellectuals and activists, feminism and the Eurocentric left in the continuity of the genocide. Why middle-class urban and even grassroots movements, even when they attempt to maintain or spell out an anti-racist and de-colonial commitment, remain a problem, rather than part of the solution. On the basis of these questions, I am proposing to babble some possible answers that will allow us, if that is our true interest, to overcome the problem and really contribute to uninstalling racism and coloniality. “

yuderkys espinosa

* Yuderkys Espinosa Miñoso. Writer, teacher, researcher and anti-racist, anti-sexist and de-colonial member of GLEFAS, the Latin American Feminist Study, Education and Action Group.
Organised by the steering committee of the One City Many Worlds programme, 2017-2019
We are a group of persons and collectives from different places and biographical, migratory and disciplinary trajectories, who came together because of our desire to carry out research. It is a mixed space that includes racialized and non-racialized people from different countries (in Europe and Latin America) and sexual expressions. Despite the disciplinary heterogeneity (between the artistic, the curatorial and social intervention) there is however a proximity to academic and educational spaces.  Our group is made up by: the Ayllu collective, the C.A.S.I.T.A collective, Paloma Calle, Laura Corcuera, Massimiliano Casu and Carlos López Carrasco; plus the facilitators: Santiago Barber and María Fernanda Moscoso; and coordinator Carmen Lozano Bright.
The assembly of this group is artificial. We are part of an open call by Intermediae (a living arts production space created by Madrid City Council) named “One City Many Worlds”. During our first sessions in which we have met together over the first two months, we have discussed different aspects such as: collaboration, practices and methods of artistic research, corporeality, performativity, privileges and axes of inequality such as gender, sex, race or social class.

* La conferencia pública será registrada y estará disponible en la web del programa unaciudadmuchosmundos.es