Rarizando la ciudad

Las Raras

Rarizando la ciudad (Making the City Strange) develops a process for rethinking the city from the potentiality of strangeness. To do so, it uses encounters and collaborations aimed both at complying with the objective of breaking with identity logics and at questioning the prevailing heteronormative models. Something strange is whatever is different, whatever doesn’t fit in, doesn’t get in, doesn’t get by, doesn’t conform: older women, people with mental and functional diversity, LGBT communities, the Deaf community, migrants. It’s a matter of blurring and pushing back the limits of the dominant normality (a fiction that has implied invisibility, inaccessibility, and pain for bodies that are different, borderline, unexpected) through participatory dynamics that encourage a relaxed and festive reflection. Such blurring and pushing is vital in research such as this, conceived more as a device for understanding, rather than for transformation and metamorphosis, above and beyond what's personal: the project’s starting point is the idea that weaknesses are the best builders of respectful and democratic spaces.

Conversation, food, and dance are tools that facilitate the needed breakthrough so that communities can recognize themselves in their strangeness, their knowledge, and their actions. During the investigation, strange and not so strange people have met together, either individually or in groups, extending the description and classification of what is strange and activating policies of fragility and independence in family and domestic scenarios, but also in others that are less given to reflections of this nature, such as institutions in general and the university in particular. The encounter with other Una ciudad muchos mundos projects has been one of the objectives achieved.

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