Una ciudad muchos mundos (One City Many Worlds) is a programme that endeavours to articulate a collective space of production of and research into social and artistic practices linked to specific contexts. These situated practices experiment with methodologies, approaches, and lines of work from which problems and knowledge emerge that generate new forms of cultural production. How can we identify, qualify, and make available the situated knowledge that is produced by doing? How can we design devices that facilitate processes of reflection and research within these experiences which include diverse disciplines such as art, education, sociology, or anthropology, among others?

Following a public call for tender, six projects were selected for the first edition of UCMM (2015-2016). In order to build an environment of co-research and co-production in conjunction with the projects in progress, a space of facilitation was set up from which to identify those elements that might act as catalysts for a possible common space. Based on the experiences and learning produced in the first edition, the programme for the second edition of UCMM (2017-2019) proposes strengthening this space of reflection and knowledge production. To that end, a “steering committee”, selected through a public call for tender, will be responsible for promoting this research and for defining a public programme intended to produce and share this context of learning.

The process shall be based on the transversal core themes that were identified during the previous experience:

  • Ethical tensions within collaborative work
  • Work methodologies and the transfer of knowledge
  • Impacts on the communities (and vice versa)

The objective of this practice-based research is to generate a toolbox with which to produce new processes that will rely on knowledge and accumulated experience.

2015-2016 edition

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